What People are Saying About JyzePro

“People today are hunched over a lot—driving, at work on a computer, and even sometimes in their current workouts. JyzePro gets people upright and strengthens the shoulders and back, improves posture, and relieves tension. I’ve added JyzePro to workouts that previously only utilized the lower body. We can now tone the upper body and burn more calories in a low impact total workout.”

Trevor S., Personal Trainer

“I use JyzePro for strengthening core muscles (abdominals and paraspinals) and shoulder and shoulder girdle muscles (including the lower trapezius, which is a difficult muscle to target). I recommend JyzePro for cardio pulmonary, CVA, and shoulder patients. For the first group, you get chest expansion and gas exchange. For CVA patients, you get bilateral activity practice. Shoulder patients will get act exercise with all the shoulder and shoulder girdle muscles.”

Carrie Sussman, PT, DPT

“JyzePro is easy to use and gave quick results. In my recent six-week, five-day-a-week boot camp with 17 women, we used JyzePro to warm up and cool down. With all body types and ages in our group, walking with JyzePro was a low-impact equivalent to (and much more appealing than) jogging. Exercising with JyzePro was easy to do and made warming up fun. All of us could get our heart rates up into the aerobic zone, and we could still talk without getting out of breath, which made it all the more fun.

“The results speak for themselves: Our group of 17 lost at least an inch around their upper arms. Some lost nearly 2 inches—all in just six weeks.”

Amy C.

“We love our JyzePro! It’s light, compact, and easy to pack when traveling. Most importantly, it is effective! We use it when we are walking. Our heart rate climbs immediately and remains in the desired range until we stop. We can make it as easy or as challenging as we wish. It is also fun to see how many ways you can vary the basic operation of JyzePro.”

Steve and Barbara C.

“I have had an amazing unexpected result with JyzePro! I tend to get pretty tight in my shoulders and upper back but after about 5 minutes using JyzePro I was so relaxed. I repeated this a couple hours later and it felt so good. This was such an easy thing to do – didn’t have to stretch, heat, stretch, wait for someone to rub my shoulders, etc. Just a few minutes and I was ready for the day. JyzePro is great!”

Alice W.

“JyzePro is simple and easy to use. I’ve used it consistently while training for triathlons-swimming, running, and biking. The pool where I train was closed for two months during my busiest racing time, so I turned to JyzePro to help me keep my swimming muscles in shape. During this time, I consistently placed in the top two or three in my age group in each of my triathlons. I even improved my personal best time!”

Robbie S.

“I recently had shoulder and elbow surgery followed by physical therapy. With JyzePro, I could do my complete physical therapy workout in a fraction of the time. My recovery has been remarkable!”

Kristie K.

“I’m 75. I have a bad ankle but still work out 3 to 4 times a week on an exercycle. My resting heart rate is 56 BPM. JyzePro gets my heart pounding and delivers the best heart rate and toning workout you can imagine!”

Dean H.

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