Perfect for Shoulder Therapy

Recovering from a shoulder or upper arm injury can be easier with JyzePro. The multiple levels of resistance combined with the natural motions make for a perfect therapy solution in these areas and more:

  • Shoulder Injury/Surgery
  • Neck Injury/Surgery
  • Elbow Injury/Surgery

JyzePro is also perfect for anyone recovering from an injury preventing regular exercise (i.e. knee, ankle, foot, etc.) You can get fit even without moving off the couch!

What the Experts Say

“I use JyzePro for strengthening core muscles (abdominals and paraspinals) and shoulder and shoulder girdle muscles (including the lower trapezius, which is a difficult muscle to target). I recommend JyzePro for cardio pulmonary, CVA, and shoulder patients. For the first group, you get chest expansion and gas exchange. For CVA patients, you get bilateral activity practice. Shoulder patients will get act exercise with all the shoulder and shoulder girdle muscles.”

– Carrie Sussman, PT, DPT

“I recently had shoulder and elbow surgery followed by physical therapy. With JyzePro, I could do my complete physical therapy workout in a fraction of the time. My recovery has been remarkable!”

– Kristie K.

“I’m 75. I have a bad ankle but still work out 3 to 4 times a week on an exercycle. My resting heart rate is 56 BPM. JyzePro gets my heart pounding and delivers the best heart rate and toning workout you can imagine!”

– Dean H.

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