Practice Makes Perfect

If you are struggling to keep your JyzePro wound and spinning, watch our brief instructional video here. Here are some written instructions as well:

  1. Unwind the rope and disc completely.
  2. Hold both handles in one hand.
  3. Wind the disc 10-12 times with the other hand. Make sure you wind it in the same direction each time. If this is still too difficult. Lay the handles down and wind the disc 10-12 times in the same direction.
  4. Resting the wound disc in front of you on your lap, table, or other stationary device, pull the handles quickly to unwind the rope.
  5. NOW, HERE’S THE KEY: Immediately, move your hands together (not touching but about 6 inches apart). The rope isn’t elastic, but the spinning motion will make it so you’re hands naturally pull back in towards the disc.
  6. Pull back out to re-wind the disc and repeat steps #5 and #6
  7. You’ll want to make sure that the rope winds fully. As it does, you’ll be able to pull harder and feel the forces of JyzePro at work.