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Begin your cardiotoning transformation. Add JyzePro to your next walk and you’ll be doing the same work as jogging or other aerobic workouts. It’s time to Wind Up Fit!

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Add JyzePro to your existing walking workout and you’ll engage your upper body, burning up to 32% more calories.

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JyzePro weighs just 13 ounces—a small fraction of free weights and with variable resistance that you can’t find anywhere else. JyzePro delivers anywhere from zero to 30 pounds of resistance—by simply pulling faster.


More Calories Burned

Pounds of Variable Resistance


Faster Walking Heart Rate

Pounds Lost in 90 Days

Will This Really Boost My Burn?

In a review of calorie-burning products, Prevention Magazine advisor Wayne Westcott gave Jyze highest marks. He wrote, “Try it if you love multitasking… Average calorie burn was boosted by 32%.” Read more here >

Gets Your Heart Rate Up

Take a walk with JyzePro get the aerobic exercise equivalent of jogging, swimming, or cross-country skiing without the joint and body stress and fatigue.

Burns More Calories

JyzePro engages your upper body and burn more calories. Studies show people can burn 32% more calories*. Add it to your existing workout!

Goes Where You Go

With its lightweight design, JyzePro easily travels with you for anytime, anywhere workouts. Try it while watching TV, talking with friends, or just standing.

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