Get Fit with JyzePro

There is no better time to get fit than today, and there is no simpler way than to start walking. Hit the road (or trail, sidewalk, or track—wherever you walk) with JyzePro and enjoy a boost in heart rate and more calories burned. Now, you can walk while using JyzePro for 30 minutes and get the same workout as if you jogged for the same amount of time!

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The New Walking Workout

If you only have 20 minutes do the following. (Difficulty winding JyzePro? Check here.)

  • Warm up with walking only for 2-3 minutes. Walk briskly. (Walk at 3-4 miles per hour. Walk like you’re trying to get somewhere and not simply moseying along.)
  • Add JyzePro in intervals (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off but still walking).
  • Cool down at the end of your walk for 2-3 minutes with walking only.

If you have more time, continue using JyzePro in intervals. Try using JyzePro for longer intervals for greater results.

Other Workout Options

Download our list of workout positions here or invent your own. Regardless, Wind Up Fit today!


“Exercising with JyzePro was easy to do and made warming up fun. All of us could get our heart rates up into the aerobic zone, and we could still talk without getting out of breath, which made it all the more fun.”

Amy C.

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