Take JyzePro on the Go

Are you always traveling? Or maybe you don’t want to stop your training just because of a vacation. Never fear, JyzePro is the perfect solution to all your travel worries! These are just a few reasons why JyzePro is perfect for on the go:

  1. JyzePro’s small compact size makes it so you can pack it in any bag without worrying about taking up space.
  2. JyzePro weighs less than one pound but gives you up to 25 pounds of resistance! It’s like taking set of dumbells with you (without all the extra weight).
  3. The easy exercises in this video are perfect for getting a high octane workout in the smallest hotel rooms.


“We love our JyzePro! It’s light, compact, and easy to pack when traveling. Most importantly, it is effective! We use it when we are walking. Our heart rate climbs immediately and remains in the desired range until we stop. We can make it as easy or as challenging as we wish. It is also fun to see how many ways you can vary the basic operation of JyzePro.”

Steve and Barbara C.

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