Enhance your Workout with JyzePro

Already have a workout plan? Get your upper body toned and experience less fatigue with JyzePro. These are just a few of the many ways that JyzePro can enhance your workout:

  1. Use JyzePro between reps while lifting weights to support and strengthen stabilizer muscles in your upper body.
  2. Add JyzePro to your warm up before a hard workout to get your heart pumping and your upper body ready to work.
  3. Short on time? Use JyzePro to get the same cardio workout in half the time!
  4. Be Creative! The toning benefits alone make using JyzePro worth it. Get creative and find new ways to enhance your workout with JyzePro.

Workout Options

Walking Workouts

  • 20 minutes: If you only have 20 minutes do the following. Warm up with walking only for 2-3 minutes. Walk briskly. (Walk at 3-4 miles per hour. Walk like you’re trying to get somewhere and not simply moseying along.) Add JyzePro in intervals (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off but still walking). Watch this video for some exercise examples. Cool down at the end of your walk for 2-3 minutes with walking only.
  • 30-45 minutes: If you have some extra time use this workout. Start with the 20 minute walking workout. After about five minutes of 30 second intervals, extend your intervals (walking while using JyzePro, walking without using JyzePro) to one minute on and one minute off for 15 to 20 minutes. You’re sure to feel the burn! Can’t do it at first? After working out with JyzePro for a few sessions, you’re sure to get there.
  • 60 minutes: Now you’re walking! Combine 30 second intervals (see the 20 minute workout above) and one minute intervals (see the 30-45 minute workout above) for a personal breakthrough in cardiotoning. The more time you spend on your feet, and the more time you spend raising your hands with JyzePro, the more fit you’ll be.

Exercycle/Treadmill Workouts

Even more amazing is what you can do indoors. Whether your forced indoors due to inclement weather or venture out regularly to the gym, use JyzePro to take your workout in a new direction. If your focus is heart rate, you can turn the resistance level on your exercycle down a notch or two and stay in your target heart rate zone, get a whole body workout, and walk away with less overall fatigue. On a treadmill (NOTE: You’ll want to warm up slowly to get a feel for this before you crank up the speed), you can do the same. Combine the best of the workouts above or create your own. Try it and see for yourself.

“JyzePro is simple and easy to use. I’ve used it consistently while training for triathlons-swimming, running, and biking. The pool where I train was closed for two months during my busiest racing time, so I turned to JyzePro to help me keep my swimming muscles in shape. During this time, I consistently placed in the top two or three in my age group in each of my triathlons. I even improved my personal best time!”

Robbie S.

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