Begin a Cardiotoning Transformation

JyzePro helps people burn more calories as they walk, making your walk as effective as  jogging or other aerobic workouts. By grasping the adjustable handles and pulling to keep the JyzePro disk spinning, people can experience different levels of resistance benefiting upper body muscles. When added to existing walking-type exercises (walking, treadmill, cycles, etc.):

  • JyzePro burns more calories. When you add JyzePro to an existing workout, you’ll engage your upper body and burn more calories. Studies show people can burn 32% more calories*.
  • JyzePro gets your heart rate up. Add JyzePro to your next walk and you’ll get the aerobic exercise equivalent of jogging, swimming, or cross-country skiing without the joint and body stress and fatigue. Try JyzePro sitting, laying, or just standing too. JyzePro can bring a walking heart rate (80-110 beats per minute [BPM]) to an aerobic heart rate (117-153 BPM) for an average 40 year old in just minutes.
  • JyzePro tones your upper body and core. JyzePro will improve your posture and back and shoulder strength. During a 90-day JyzePro Pro field trial, 100% of women lost an  average of  nearly three inches around their upper arms and 20 lbs.
  • JyzePro works for you. Change bands or go faster to move from 3 to 50 pounds of resistance and more. Lengthen or shorten the rope to fit your range of motion.
  • JyzePro goes where you go. With its lightweight design, JyzePro travels with you for anytime, anywhere workouts.

With JyzePro, you’ll wind up fit.

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