JyzePro™, the new way to walk, is here! JyzePro is a simple, handheld exercise product. With two handles, a lightweight disc, and a loop of rope, you wind the rope and then simply pull the handles to spin the disc. You’ll feel the burn the faster you pull—with forces from 3 to 30 pounds.

See JyzePro in action at www.jyzefit.com. JyzePro comes with two workout bands to accommodate your workout goals. Since all wingspans are not created equal, JyzePro’s handles can be easy adjusted to accommodate shorter arms or even a specific exercise.

Join the Movement

Use JyzePro in your walking-type workout (walking, treadmill, exercycle, or even jogging) to burn significantly more calories and get your heart rate into the aerobic zone. JyzePro’s free range of motion gets your upper body involved in your walking workout Use JyzePro to:

  • Burn more calories. JyzePro activates your upper body, burning more calories as you workout.
  • Using JyzePro is like low-impact jogging—a brisk walk + JyzePro gets your heart rate up to the same level as jogging. No longer do you have to walk as FAR as you previously jogged to burn as many calories. Now, you can walk + JyzePro for the same amount of TIME as jogging and get the same level of workout—without the joint pain, body aches and fatigue, and while carrying on a conversation with your walking partner. View JyzePro photos at www.jyzefit.com.
  •  JyzePro activates and tones upper body and even core muscles that would otherwise be mostly idle. Clearly, that extra amount of work accounts for the calorie burn I’ve talked about, but it also tones muscles that would normally not get much attention. JyzePro activates small muscles or stabilizer muscles (70% of our muscle mass) to deliver stronger shoulders, back and arms. You’ll even see posture improvements (don’t we live hunched-over lives? Think about driving, watching TV, or using a computer.). You’ll relieve tension and get a decent workout to boot.
  •  JyzePro goes where you go. Store JyzePro in the sling pack that comes with the package for your next anytime, anywhere workout.

A Whole Body Workout

JyzePro delivers real benefits but still requires your participation. Since calories are how we measure our physical energy, storing calories happens when we eat and burning them takes place when we work. If you only work your legs, you’ll burn fewer calories, and possibly more specifically “leg” calories. When you add more muscle groups to your workout, your total calorie burn goes up, and you draw calories from the areas of your body that you weren’t previously engaging in the workout. Focus on only one region and you’ll experience more fatigue in that area. Involve your whole body and you’ll burn even more calories and likely not feel so fatigued afterwards.

JyzePro is the new way to make walking a real workout. Learn more at www.windupfit.com.